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Mob Scene at Chicago, Turturro & Pastore Welcome Sopranos Gang

And the family just keeps coming! Following last week's visit from Steven Van Zandt and his wife Maureen, Aida Turturro and Vincent Pastore received a pack of fellow Sopranos stars to cheer the pair on at their matinee performance in Chicago on Sunday, January 6, at Broadway's Ambassador Theatre. After the show, Turturro and Pastore (who continue playing Matron Mama Morton and Amos Hart, respectively, though January 13) happily stepped into our photo line-up with their former TV co-stars Dominic Chianese, Frank Pellegrino, Tony Darrow and Vincent Curatolla. In addition, Pastore, who volunteers at the Bronx VA Hospital, hosted a bunch of vets at the afternoon's performance. We got their mug shots, too!

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