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Cookin' (Off-Broadway) Story

Stomp meets Iron Chef in this fun, zesty Korean import! Staged in a restaurant kitchen, Cookin' is a hilarious non-verbal percussion show featuring four crazy Korean chefs who are working against the clock to prepare a complete wedding banquet. With an overheated Maitre D' intent on keeping the foursome on schedule, Cookin' slices, dices, chops and beats a delightfully spellbinding blend of martial arts, drumming and dance that will leave audiences hungry for more![IMG:L]Prior to landing at off-Broadway's Minetta Lane Theatre, Cookin' played in Europe, Asia and all around North America. In fact, over two million people have watched these lovable chefs and their saucy shenanigans. Come see why audiences (and especially kids) have embraced this unique show. Oh, but don't forget to eat first! The food may look good as it flies in the air, but dinner is not served after the show!
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