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The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time - Broadway

The best-selling novel comes to life on stage.

Photos! Celebrate a Spellbinding Opening Night with Alex Sharp & the Cast of Curious Incident

The cast of Curious Incident takes a company bow.

About This Gallery

The cast of The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time celebrated their official Broadway opening night on October 5, 2014. After the show, stars Alex Sharp, Ian Barford, Helen Carey, Francesca Faridany, Enid Graham and more headed to Urbo for an opening night celebration!

Photographer: Bruce Glikas, ©

Other Photos in this Gallery

Alex Sharp
Francesca Faridany - Alex Sharp
Taylor Trensch - Simon Stephens  - Alex Sharp
Simon Stephens - Mark Haddon - Marianne Elliott
Francesca Faridany - Marianne Elliott
Enid Graham - Alex Sharp - Ian Barford
Anna D. Shapiro - Ian Barford
Tim Levy - Alex Sharp - 	Helen Carey
Lucy Liu
Tony Danza
Kim Cattrall
Scott Graham - Steven Hoggett
Edie Falco
Taylor Trensch - Max Crumm
Adrian Sutton - Bunny Christie
Taylor Trensch - Judy McLane
Francesca Faridany - Brenda Meaney
Sally Murphy - Anna D. Shapiro - Marianne Mayberry - Ian Barford - Scott Jaeck
Tom Patrick Stephens - Mercedes Herrero
Tyne Daly - Burton Curtis - Francesca Faridany
Alex Sharp - Wallis Currie-Wood
Lenny Wolpe  - wife -  Susie
Ben Horner
David Manis
Wallis Currie-Wood
Jocelyn Bioh - Francesca Faridany
Jim Ortlieb - John Kolvenbach - Ian Barford - Anna D. Shapiro
Richard Hollis - Tim Wright
Kate Raudenbush - Helen Carey
Jessica Hect
Alex Sharp - Mark Kaufman
Erich Bergen - Jessica Keenan Wynn
Anthony Festa - Taylor Trensch
Alex Sharp
Steven Pasquale
Will Frears - Remy Auberjonois
Keren Dukes
Kevin Emrick - Evan Cabnet
Neil Pepe - Mary McCann
Keith Nobbs - Tripp Cullman - Christian Parker
Philip J. Smith
Jordan Roth
Danielle Brooks
Rob Ashford
Stephanie Fieger Klein - Benjamin E. Klein
Mary Karr - John Patrick Shanley
Enid Graham - husband - Robert Sella
Chad Kimball
Roy Furman - Margie
Stephen DeRosa
Dr. Brian Kopell - Lorin Latarro
Francesca Faridany - Stephen Wadsworth
Patrick D Stewart - Nick Bailey
Benjamin E. Klein - Katy Rudd - Lorin Latarro
Marianne Elliott - Alex Sharp