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Steven Levenson's timely new play about youth, idealism and the fights that need fighting. 

This show is closed.

Performances ended on Nov. 25, 2018.

Show Overview

About Days of Rage

It's October 1969 and five 20-something idealists find themselves in the middle of a country divided. Living together in a house in Upstate New York and confident in the knowledge that they are the only generation to ever take up the resistance, they retaliate against society by denouncing monogamy and other capitalist notions. But when they admit a mysterious newcomer to their collective, the delicate balance they've achieved begins to topple. It'll be six and a half years until the Vietnam War ends but their fight is just beginning.


Mike Faist
Tavi Gevinson
Odessa Young


Written by
Steven Levenson
Trip Cullman
Set Designer
Louisa Thompson
Set Designer
Paloma Young
Lighting Designer
Tyler Micoleau
Sound Designer
Darron L West
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