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Everyday Rapture the story of a woman’s psycho-sexual-spiritual journey on the rocky path that separates her mostly Mennonite past from her mostly Manhattan future. She travels from the cornfields of Kansas to the clover fields of New York (with a disturbing detour through YouTube).

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This show is closed.

Performances ended on Jul. 11, 2010.

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About Everyday Rapture

What Is the Story of Everyday Rapture?
Everyday Rapture is the semi-autobiographical story of stage star Sherie Rene Scott, a small-town Kansas girl with a half-Mennonite (affectionately referred to as “Mennonite Lite”) background, Scott details how she followed the call of New York City all the way to Broadway. Now a successful, real-life semi-diva, Scott uses this “play with music” to chronicle her climb to the middle of the top, giving audiences comedic glimpses into the her religious upbringing, musical flashes of her dangerous journey into the depths of YouTube and a more complete portrait of one not-so-average blonde Broadway bombshell.


Eamon Foley


Written by
Sherie Rene Scott and Dick Scanlan
Michael Mayer
Michele Lynch
Set Designer
Christine Jones
Costume Designer
Tom Broecker
Lighting Designer
Kevin Adams
Sound Designer
Brian Ronan
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