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Freud's Last Session (through 10/2) Show Poster

Freud's Last Session (through 10/2) Tickets

Marjorie S. Deane Little Theater

Freud’s Last Session centers on legendary psychoanalyst Dr. Sigmund Freud, who invites a young, little-known professor, C.S. Lewis, to his home in London. Lewis, expecting to be called on the carpet for satirizing Freud in a recent book, soon realizes Freud has amuch more significant agenda. On the day England enters World War II, Freud and Lewis clash about the existence of God, love, sex, and the meaning of life- only two weeks before Freud chooses to take his own. Mark St. Germain’s celebrated new play was suggested by The Question of God by Harvard’s Dr. Armand M. Nicholi, Jr.

This show is closed.

Performances ended on Oct. 2, 2011.

Marjorie S. Deane Little Theater

10 West 64th Street
New York, NY 10023

Opening Jan 14, 2011
Closing Oct 2, 2011


What Is the Story of Freud’s Last Session ?
Freud’s Last Session takes place in the London study of Dr. Sigmund Freud on the day England entered World War II. The aging and ill Freud has invited to his home a young C.S. Lewis, who expects to be taken to task for satirizing Freud in his recent book. During the course of this (imagined) meeting, these two fierce intellectuals get to know one another as men, not icons, as they butt heads over issues like love, sex and the existence of God.

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