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Fuerza Bruta Tickets

Daryl Roth Theatre

A dazzling experience that floods the senses with a nonstop collision of music, emotion and aerial imagery.

*Please note: Fuerza Bruta is general admission and due to the nature of the show, audience members will stand throughout the performance.

This show is closed.

Performances ended on Jan. 5, 2014.

Daryl Roth Theatre

101 East 15th Street
New York, NY 10003

Previews Oct 11, 2007
Opening Oct 24, 2007
Closing Jan 5, 2014


Not a traditional, story-driven production, Fuerza Bruta (or “Brute Force,” in English) is a completely non-verbal performance the uses music, dance, acrobatics, aerial imagery and some awe-inspiring visual displays and set designs. The show combines segments that trigger a whole range of emotions, from desperation to triumph to pure joy. There’s a wee bit of plot, too, in a running theme involving a guy in a suit who faces harsh winds, flying objects and brick walls while chasing after something. Or maybe he’s being chased. Fuerzabruta doesn’t sweat those kinds of details. It just wants to rock your world with an overload of sight, sound and motion.

Critics' Reviews

"Not for nothing does the title translate to 'Brute Force.' Fortunately, for the young of both heart and body, the show offers plenty of dazzling theatrical and sensory pleasures as well."

Review by Frank Scheck from The New York Post

"If you're open to something highly theatrical, throbbingly loud and almost ferociously stimulating (and wet), a visit to 'Fuerzabruta' will provide an evening of jaw-dropping sensation."

Review by Steven Suskin from Variety

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