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You think you’re having a bad day? Meet Sam. He works the red‐hot reservation line at one of New York’s trendiest restaurants, where the best food inspires the worst behavior. Coercion, petty threats, bribes, histrionics—a cast of desperate callers, all brought to life by Ferguson, will stop at nothing to land a prime reservation, or the right table. Amid the barrage, Sam has his own problems to deal with. While juggling scheming socialites, name‐dropping wannabes, fickle celebrities and egomaniacal bosses, can he still manage to look out for himself?

This show is closed.

Performances ended on Jul. 31, 2016.

Show Overview


Written by
Becky Mode
Jason Moore
Original Music
Jeff Richmond
Set Designer
Derek McLane
Costume Designer
Sarah Laux
Lighting Designer
Ben Stanton
Sound Designer
Jill BC DuBoff
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