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Lyceum Theatre

Ghetto Klown

This show has closed.

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Ghetto Klown, Lyceum Theatre, NYC Show Poster
Lyceum Theatre

149 West 45th Street
New York, NY 10036

2hrs. 15mins
1 Intermission
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Jan 31, 2011
Feb 21, 2011
Mar 22, 2011
Jul 10, 2011
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Ghetto Klown is the next chapter in John Leguizamo’s hugely popular personal and professional story. In Leguizamo’s trademark style, the piece explodes with energy, leading audiences on a fever-pitch adventure ...



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What Is the Story of GhettoKlown?
Ghetto Klown follows popular stage and screen star John Leguizamo as he recounts his life from his childhood in Queens to his rise as a Hollywood star. Leguizamo discusses his early passion for performing and recalls his days as an aspiring actor in New York City. The show examines Leguizamo’s difficult relationships with his parents as well as his romantic pursuits and offers an inside look behind the scenes of his movie career.

Critics’ Reviews

There's no doubt about [Leguizamo's] talent for storytelling. Leguizamo has an easy way with getting you involved in his life.

Review by Howard Shapiro from Philadelphia Inquirer

Leguizamo knows how to command a stage. Engaging and often very funny.

Review by David Rooney from The Hollywood Reporter

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Ghetto Klown Like?
Ghetto Klown shows off Leguizamo’s flair for characterizing his friends and family—as well as doing impressions of famous actors such as Al Pacino, Kurt Russell, Steven Seagal and more. The production utilizes a large projection screen to show film clips and old photos as the actor speaks out to his audience much like a standup comic. The energetic Leguizamo also shows off quite a few dance moves dance moves.

Is Ghetto Klown Good for Kids?
This Klown isn’t suitable for children. Leguizamo frequently uses profanity in his jokes and recalls his past drug and alcohol use. The actor also recounts violent verbal and physical altercations with his friends and family members. Leguizamo also frequently goes into detail about his sex life. Some of his stories include smoking marijuana on film sets, a disastrous phone sex conversation and a fistfight with his father.