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Hair - Broadway

The American tribal love-rock musical comes back to Broadway.

Hair Cast & Broadway Kids Tie-Dye for Charity

Tie-Dye with Hair - broadway kids

Look at the gorgeous finished product! Good work, Broadway kids.

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There’s plenty of tie-dyed finery on display among Hair’s Tony-nominated costumes, and a group of cast members from the hit Broadway revival joined with members of Broadway Kids Care to do a little dye-ing of their own for a good cause. On July 1, actors and kid performers met up at Fireman’s Park in the theater district to tie-dye bandanas for young cancer patients at New York’s Morgan Stanley Children’s Hospital. Broadway Kids Care brings together children from current and past Broadway shows for community service projects, and this summertime tie-dyeing event was a groovy example!



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Tie-Dye with Hair - Allison Case - Kacie Sheik - Olivia Rand - Ava Rand - Matthew Nardozzi - Zach Rand
Tie-Dye with Hair - Kevin Kern - Megan Lawrence - Olivia Rand - Ava Rand - Allison Case - Kacie Shiek - John Mouaro - Matthew Nardozzi
Tie-Dye with Hair - Allison Case
Tie-Dye with Hair - Matthew Mindler
Tie-Dye with Hair - Andrew Kober - Matthew Mindler - Matthew Nardozzi - Catherine Missal - Dylan Riley Snyder
Tie-Dye with Hair - Gabby Malek - Trevor Braun
Tie-Dye with Hair - broadway kids