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For ten hard-luck Texans, a new lease on life is so close they can touch it. Under a scorching sun for days on end, armed with nothing but hope, humor and ambition, they'll fight to keep at least one hand on a brand new truck in order to win it.

This show is closed.

Performances ended on Apr. 13, 2013.

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About Hands on a Hardbody on Broadway

Previews: Feb 23, 2013 • Opening: Mar 21, 2013 • Closing: Apr 13, 2013
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Lena Horne Theatre Lena Horne Theatre
256 West 47th Street
New York, NY 10036
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Theater is not completely wheelchair accessible. There are no steps to the designated wheelchair seating locations.
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This theater does not have elevators or escalators.
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What Is the Story of Hands on a Hardbody?
Set on a sweltering Nissan car lot, Hands on a Hardbody tells the story of 10 working-class Texans who would do anything to win a new pick-up truck. Based on a real contest in Longview, Texas, the musical's competitors must stand in the sun for days on end with their hands on the truck—and the last person standing is the winner. We’re introduced to Kelli Mangrum, a dreamer who wants to sell the truck to move to L.A.; J.D. Drew, the oldest contestant; Norma Valverde, who relies on her faith in God to make it through the competition; and Benny Perkins, who has already won the contest once before, and more. As the battle for the truck continues for days, Hands on a Hardbody is an uplifting musical about fighting for a piece of the American dream.


A collection of our favorite reviews from professional news sources.

"‘Hands on a Hardbody,’ a seemingly far-fetched stage show based on a documentary that features songs co-written by Phish frontman Trey Anastasio, stars a modified Aztec red Nissan. By the end of the show, you'll swear that truck can dance."

Associated Press

Mark Kennedy

"The unpretentious integrity of the material, the straight-up presentation of the characters and the likable cast encourage you to root for them, yielding many affecting moments."

Hollywood Reporter

David Rooney

"Exuberant choral work stands out. Ditto the wistful ‘If I Had This Truck’ and nostalgic ‘Used to Be,’ which find the competitors looking forward and backward on their lives."

New York Daily News

Joe Dziemianowicz

"The skillful score, by Trey Anastasio of the indie jam-band Phish (music) and Amanda Green (music and lyrics), locks into a bluesy country-rock vibe early and hugs it tight."

The New York Times

Charles Isherwood

"There is a forceful empowerment number called ‘Stronger’ that's fabulously well performed by a very solid cast, highlighted by [Keala] Settle, whose performance is surely of premium octane…"

The Chicago Tribune

Chris Jones

Cast & Creative


Kelli Mangrum
Hunter Foster
Benny Perkins
David Larsen
Chris Alvaro
Jacob Ming-Trent
Ronald McCowan
Mary Gordon Murray
Virginia Drew
Jim Newman
Mike Ferris
Connie Ray
Cindy Barnes
Jon Rua
Jesus Pena
Norma Valverde
Dale Soules
Janis Curtis
Scott Wakefield
Frank Nugent
Don Curtis/Dr. Stokes


Trey Anastasio and Amanda Green
Amanda Green
Doug Wright
Neil Pepe
Sergio Trujillo
Set Designer
Christine Jones
Costume Designer
Susan Hilferty
Lighting Designer
Kevin Adams
Sound Designer
Steve Kennedy
Trey Anastasio and Don Hart
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