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Happiness unfolds the stories of a dozen or so New Yorkers stuck in the morning rush of a stalled subway car and required by the spectral trainman to recall and re-enact the happiest moment in their lives before they can continue their travels... and travails.

This show is closed.

Performances ended on Jun. 7, 2009.

About the Show

Previews: Feb 27, 2009 • Opening: Mar 30, 2009 • Closing: Jun 7, 2009


What was the most perfect moment in your life? That’s the question nine New Yorkers are asked to consider when they find themselves on a stalled subway train. The trapped riders include a hard-driving lawyer, a bicycle messenger, a doorman, a wheelchair-bound elderly woman, a social-climbing younger woman, a celebrated interior designer, a right-wing radio personality and a pair of married doctors, plus the MTA employee who poses the cosmic question to the group. Their answers form the basis for this charming one-act musical, directed and choreographed by Tony Award winner Susan Stroman.

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