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Planet Hollywood

How To Be A New Yorker

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How To Be A New Yorker, Planet Hollywood, NYC Show Poster
Planet Hollywood

1540 Broadway
New York, NY 10036

1hr, 5mins
No Intermission
Important Dates
Jan 03, 2015
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Learn how to become a true New Yorker, complete with a full Italian meal!


<I>How To Be a New Yorker</I>’s Kevin James Doyle on His Hilarious Homage to the 'Greatest City in the World’

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What Is the Story of How to Be a New Yorker?
Take a wild subway ride with Margaret Copeland and Kevin James Doyle, two comics who also happen to be licensed New York City tour guides. Copeland, a native New Yorker, tells stories about her Manhattan upbringing, while Doyle, a transplant from Ohio, shares city stories from a newcomer’s point of view. Through a series of comedy sketches, monologues and video interviews, the duo teaches tourists and natives alike how to survive in the big city.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is How to Be a New Yorker Like?
Armed with a coatrack and boxes full of costumes and props, Copeland and Doyle take on dozens of personas, complete with silly accents, moustaches and hats. From wacky retellings of New York City history to the game show spoof “Is It Safe?” How to Be a New Yorker pokes fun at the Big Apple (and its inhabitants) in the most loving way possible. Housed underground in Sofia’s Downstairs Theatre, How to Be a New Yorker includes a dinner buffet of bread, pasta, chicken and salad with the price of admission.

Is How to Be a New Yorker Good For Kids?
How to Be a New Yorker is a Saturday Night Live-style sketch show that is best suited for older kids, teens and adults. Because the production takes place in an intimate setting, young children might get bored and become disruptive.