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Young Eddie uses his Indian ancestry as a cause and an excuse for his adolescent attacks on the genteel world around him. Was it his ties to the Seneca tribe or his talent as a budding artist that caused his privileged world to turn upside down? Indian Blood is a witty, warm and delightful comedy about family and coming-of-age by A.R. Gurney, [IMG:L] the prolific playwright who brought us The Dining Room, Sylvia, Love Letters, The Fourth Wall and Strictly Academic. This autobiographical play presents an upper-class WASP family living in Buffalo in 1946. In addition to its funny and truthful portrait of each family member, Indian Blood shows us a social world on the cusp of change in a city on the verge of decline. Beautifully directed and perfectly cast, it's a thoroughly enjoyable evening of theater. [IMG:L]

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