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The Jammer plunges into the hard-boiled, bizarre world of professional roller derby in New York during the late 1950’s. When Jack Lovington, a lovelorn Brooklynite, joins up with the rough and tumble Brooklyn Brown Devils, little does he know that his life is about to be turned completely upside down and that he’s about to find himself on a most unexpected rollercoaster ride.

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Jack Lovington decides to leave his fiancée and the life he has known in 1950s Brooklyn behind to pursue his dream of becoming a professional roller derby star, despite the disapproval of his local priest. But Lovington isn’t quite prepared for the crazy characters, sexual escapades and underhanded dealings that are commonplace in the world of this rollicking sport. Will Jack find his place on the road, or will the pull of his life and love back in Brooklyn win his heart in the end? 


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"'The Jammer' is a ripsnorting, bodily-fluids-drenched, retro riot."

Time Out New York

David Cote

"Under Jackson Gay’s astute direction, Rolin Jones’ play, led by a revelatory performance from Patch Darragh, tugs at the heartstrings and resonates with the emotional dreamer in all of us. ‘The Jammer’ isn’t groundbreaking, but it does what theater does best: It appeals to the audience’s emotional sensibility and delivers a beautiful story in a beautiful way."


Suzy Evans

"Equally irresistible is director Jackson Gay’s clever staging. It blends spry actors and cheesy cardboard cutouts in down-and-dirty derby sequences. That’s the moral: Jam a show with imagination and you don’t need pricey effects."

The New York Daily News

Joe Dziemianowicz

"‘The Jammer,’ a new play by Rolin Jones is a wonderful, energetic and authentic-feeling recreation of those matches. It's an homage to 1950s roller derby and the pugnacious athletes who competed, fought, loved and lost. "

Associated Press

Jennifer Farrar

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