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Longacre Theatre

La Cage aux Folles

This show has closed.

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La Cage aux Folles, Longacre Theatre, NYC Show Poster
Longacre Theatre

220 West 48th Street
New York, NY 10036

2hrs. 40mins
1 Intermission
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Mar 14, 2010
Apr 06, 2010
Apr 18, 2010
May 01, 2011
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Georges is the suave owner of a glitzy drag club on the French Riviera. Partnered romantically with his high-strung star performer, Albin (who goes by the stage name Zaza), the pair ...

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La Cage aux Folles centers on a St. Tropez drag-show nightclub owned by Georges and headlined by his longtime love Albin. The couple raised Georges’ son (the product of a youthful one-night stand) together, but when young Jean-Michel gets engaged to the daughter of a right-wing politician determined to crack down on gay nightlife, Georges feels compelled to pretend to have a "normal" family, with Albin taking on the masculine persona of "Uncle Al." Will Jean-Michel’s future in-laws be fooled?

Critics’ Reviews
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"The ladies of the chorus from La Cage aux Folles have never looked more appealing than they do in [this] warm, winning production. Terry Johnson's revival of Jerry Herman and Harvey Fierstein's musical...delivers the unexpected lesson that in theater, shabby can be not just chic but redemptive."

Review by Ben Brantley from The New York Times

"Why bring back La Cage aux Folles only five years after its first Broadway revival? The producers of this new edition, which premiered at London's Menier Chocolate Factory in 2007, have a convincing answer: It's funny, heartwarming and terrific."

Review by Steven Suskin from Variety

Frequently Asked Questions
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What Is La Cage aux Folles Like?
This beloved 1983 musical hit has been scaled down—the stage of Broadway’s Longacre Theatre doubles as that of the La Cage nightclub, and the first few rows of the orchestra have been replaced with bistro tables. (Choose these seats if you like the idea of interacting with the characters.) Six “Cagelles” (men in drag) perform lively musical numbers to Jerry Herman’s Tony-winning score, and Harvey Fierstein’s book is as hilarious as ever. But the heart of the show is its touching portrayal of Georges and Albin’s enduring love. As the song says, “The Best of Times” is always now to see La Cage aux Folles.

Is La Cage aux Folles Good For Kids?
If you don't mind taking your kids to a nightclub featuring bawdy drag queens and comfortable-in-their-skin gay men (who kiss!), absolutely! School-age kids will embrace La Cage’s slapstick humor (including the comic antics of Albin’s "maid" Jacob) and will identify with Jean-Michel’s plight in feeling pulled between a desire to impress his girlfriend and loyalty to his sometimes embarrassing parents. The family at the center of the show may be unconventional, but their devotion to one another makes a strong statement about family values.