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Latinologues is a collection of comedic and poignant monologues about the Latino experience in America that has toured the nation to sold-out crowds and received standing ovations. It was created, written, directed and produced for stage by Rick Najera, one of America's leading comedy writers. [IMG:R]Having written for such ground breaking shows as MAD TV and In Living Color, Najera wanted to create a showcase for Latino talent with a variety of characters. From the well-known and most loved character, Buford Gomez, who provides a comprehensive seminar on efficient border patrol tactics, to Miss Puerto Rican Day Parade who will do anything to save her crown, to Fidel who outsmarts ‘La Migra' and heads to Puerto Vallarta for free. Other characters include Alejandro, the heartthrob bus boy who is mesmerized by a blonde, the unstoppable and a manic Hispanic Hollywood producer. “It's comedy with a universal appeal with a Latin flavor," says Najera. After performing around the country in cities including San Diego, Los Angeles, Portland, San Antonio, Houston, Las Vegas, Houston and Miami, Latinologues is now ready to take Broadway by storm.

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