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Tom Stoppard's acclaimed play arrives on Broadway following a successful run in the West End.

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Set in Vienna, Leopoldstadt takes its title from the Jewish quarter. This passionate drama of love and endurance begins in the last days of 1899 and follows one extended family deep into the heart of the 20th Century. Full of his customary wit and beauty, Tom Stoppard’s late work spans fifty years of time over two hours. The Financial Times said, “This is a momentous new play. Tom Stoppard has reached back into his own family history to craft a work that is both epic and intimate; that is profoundly personal, but which concerns us all." With a cast of 38 and direction by Patrick Marber, Leopoldstadt is a “magnificent masterpiece” (The Independent) that must not be missed.


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"A heart-rending epic."

The New York Times

Jesse Green

"An inexpressibly moving, majestic play."

The Wall Street Journal

Charles Isherwood

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