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A Little Night Music Critics' Reviews

"The luminous [Angela] Lansbury is a wonder. The 84-year-old actress does something extraordinary, too: her Madame Armfeldt progressively gets more frail as the evening progresses...the aging process has never been more eloquently put on display."

Review by Michael Kuchwara from The Associated Press

""Bewitching, confident and utterly natural, [Catherine Zeta-Jones] breathes a refreshing earthiness and warm-blooded sensuality into the part [of Desiree].""

Review by David Rooney from Variety

""Sondheim's score...suggests echoes from a distant era. [Angela Lansbury] seems to melt into memory itself. It's a lovely example of the past reaching out to the present.""

Review by Ben Brantley from The New York Times

"“Half-light can be forgiving—to the aging, to the vain, to the furtive philanderer—but in Trevor Nunn’s stunning, twilit, devastatingly good new production of A Little Night Music, it’s as punishing as the equatorial sun. He’s clearly trying to induce an exquisitely heartbreaking case of seasonal affective disorder in his audience, and, fiendishly, he succeeds.”"

Review by Scott Brown from New York Magazine

"There are plenty of new pleasures to be found in [director] Nunn's thoughtful take on this Broadway classic. There is no Night Music without a successful Desiree, and it has one here in Catherine Zeta-Jones."

Review by Erik Haagensen from Backstage

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