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Lone Star Love (Off Broadway) Story

An inspired musical western adaptation of Shakespeare's bawdy, laugh-out-loud play, Lone Star Love or, The Merry Wives of Windsor, Texas stampedes onto the stage. Lone Star Love sets the Bard's The Merry Wives of Windsor in post-Civil War Texas. Ex-Confederate Colonel Falstaff charms his way into the graces of Mrs. Page and Mrs. Ford, wives of two wealthy cattle ranchers, and proclaims his passions to each lady--with an eye on their [IMG:L]husbands' riches. But who's fooling whom--the Colonel, mild-mannered Mrs. Page or madly jealous Mrs. Ford? And who will win the hand of pretty Miss Anne Page--local yokel Master Slender, elegant immigrant Dr. Caius or Fenton, the yodeling cowboy? Book a trip to Windsor, Texas and find out for yourself!
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