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The Pershing Square Signature Center/The Irene Diamond Stage

Medieval Play

This show has closed.

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Medieval Play, The Pershing Square Signature Center/The Irene Diamond Stage, NYC Show Poster
The Pershing Square Signature Center/The Irene Diamond Stage

480 West 42nd Street
New York, NY 10019

Important Dates
May 15, 2012
Jun 07, 2012
Jun 24, 2012
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Signature Theatre Company presents the world premiere of Kenneth Lonnergan's comedy.

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What is the Story of Medieval Play?
Set in France in the early 14th century, Medieval Play is the comic story of Sir Ralph, a mercenary knight who dreams of the chivalric ideal, but spends his days murdering villagers and pillaging their homes. Sir Ralph enlists his friend, fellow knight Sir Alfred, to help search for true meaning in their lives on a wacky pilgrimage complete with swordfights, sex, spitting on the floor and using the bathroom pretty much wherever they feel like it. On their journey, the knights meet a variety of kooky medieval characters including Catherine of Siena, Cardinal Robert of Geneva, Pope Clement VII, Pope Gregory XI and more.

Critics’ Reviews

[Medieval Play showcases] the stamina, commitment and comic inventiveness of a plum-filled cast that features Josh Hamilton and Tate Donovan as two none-too-bright knights in search of a cause to live by.”

Review by Ben Brantley from The New York Times

Walt Spangler's comic-book set is well suited to Mr. Lonergan's daffy purposes, and the cast has itself a fine time, especially Ms. Burns, who clearly relishes playing a potty-mouthed saint.

Review by Terry Teachout from The Wall Street Journal

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Medieval Play Like?
Although Kenneth Lonergan’s Medieval Play is set during the Hundred Years’ War, the cast speaks in casual, present-day language, complete with lots and lots of expletives. Cartoony, cut-out set pieces by Walt Spangler contribute to the silly mood of Medieval Play, while elaborate metal armor by costume designer Michael Krass make sitting, standing and walking hilariously inconvenient for the ensemble cast.

Is Medieval Play Good For Kids? No. Medieval Play features bawdy humor, graphic simulated sex acts, near-nudity and of course, plenty of adult language. Leave the kids at home and see Medieval Play with adult friends.