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Vineyard Theatre

The Metal Children

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The Metal Children, Vineyard Theatre, NYC Show Poster
Vineyard Theatre

108 East 15th Street
New York, NY 10003

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Apr 01, 2010
May 04, 2010
May 19, 2010
Jun 13, 2010
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An unforgettable and timely drama about a New York writer’s explosive encounter with a small American town when he arrives there to defend one of his young adult novels, which had been ...

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What Is the Story of The Metal Children?
As this new play begins, young-adult novelist Tobin Falmouth (Billy Crudup) is being pressured to appear at a town meeting “in the American heartland” on behalf of his book The Metal Children. Because of complaints from a local church, the novel has been removed from the classroom and all copies placed in a locked vault. This act of censorship comes at a bad time for Tobin, who has recently separated from his wife and is clearly depressed. When he arrives in the small town, he’s faced with a fawning English teacher, a teen girl “groupie,” up-in-arms church members, potentially violent protestors and an unsympathetic school-board head. Can a single book really generate this much heat?

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What Is The Metal Children Like?
Playwright/director Adam Rapp based his drama on his real-life experience as the author of a young-adult novel that was banned by a high school in Reading, PA. The play gives an even-handed account of the controversy—the novel-within-the-play centers on a bizarre teen pregnancy plot that could indeed be objectionable to some parents. Like all Rapp plays, this one has an air of danger, with unpredictable characters and situations. It’s also very funny at times, and it features a riveting star performance by Billy Crudup. The Metal Children is a fascinating drama that will leave you thinking long after you leave the theater.

Is The Metal Children Good for Kids?
The play features morally ambiguous behavior, particularly on the part of the novelist’s teen fan, who takes her obsession with the book’s storyline to extremes. It’s definitely not for kids, but high-schoolers will be fascinated by the themes and characters in This Metal Children.