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Everyone is a suspect in Murder For Two, a musical murder mystery with a twist: one actor investigates the crime, the other plays all of the suspects, and they both play the piano! This 90-minute whodunit is a zany blend of classic musical comedy and madcap mystery.

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What is the Story of Murder For Two?
In a wacky and humorous mash-up of classic murder mysteries and old-school musical theater, Murder For Two tells the story of Officer Marcus Moscowicz, an aspiring detective who attempts to solve the murder of a prolific novelist in hopes that he’ll be promoted at work. While investigating the crime, Marcus meets 13 zany suspects, all played by one actor. From the bespectacled wife of the victim to the victim’s gruff, cigar-smoking therapist, Marcus must get to know the suspects and make sense of their wild stories in order to solve the crime.


Critics’ Reviews (4)
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"Thanks to the elastic skills and collegial charm of those two actors, and a score that's several cuts above parody, ['Murder For Two'] is a winning diversion."

Bloomberg News

Jeremy Gerard

"Joe Kinosian and Kellen Blair's score is a silly-clever throwback to 1950s novelty cabaret, and director Scott Schwartz milks the show for every drop of tomfoolery: vaudeville bits, sound effects, meta winks, audience participation."

Time Out New York

Adam Feldman

"Ryback is engaging as the wide-eyed cop looking for his big professional break; at times, he looks and acts uncannily like Broadway vet Roger Bart—with the same on-stage energy."

Entertainment Weekly

Jason Clark

"The ferociously energetic actor Jeff Blumenkrantz plays a hefty handful of prime suspects, all of whom had ample cause to wish the novelist Arthur Whitney dead."

The New York Times

Charles Isherwood

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