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Hilarious Broadway entertainment is back in high style with Nice Work If You Can Get It. Overflowing with 15 great songs, including “But Not For Me,” “Let’s Call the Whole Thing Off,” “I’ve Got a Crush on You” and “Someone to Watch Over Me,” this brand-new Gershwin musical comedy combines laughter, romance and high-stepping musical magic.

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What Is the Story of Nice Work If You Can Get It?
Set in the 1920s, Nice Work If You Can Get It is the story of charming and wealthy playboy Jimmy Winter, who meets rough female bootlegger Billie Bendix the weekend of his wedding. Jimmy, who has been married three (or is it four?) times before, is preparing to marry Eileen Evergreen, a self-obsessed modern dancer. Thinking Jimmy and Eileen will be out of town, Billie and her gang hide cases of alcohol the basement of Jimmy’s Long Island mansion. But when Jimmy, his wife-to-be and her prohibitionist family show up at the mansion for the wedding, Billie and her cohorts pose as servants, causing hijinks galore.


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"[Nice Work features] a portable fireworks kit of dazzlers (‘Someone to Watch Over Me,’ ‘Do It Again’) guaranteed to charm just about anyone, theater fan or not."

Entertainment Weekly

Adam Markovitz

"The show plays to its stars’ strengths—Broderick’s patented goofy and wimpy demeanor and O’Hara’s lustrous voice on songs like ‘Someone to Watch Over Me.’ She also displays deft and surprising bits of Lucille Ball-inspired physical comedy."

New York Daily News

Joe Dziemianowicz

"O’Hara proves once again that there’s pretty much nothing she can’t do on stage."

USA Today

Elysa Gardner

"The girl is Kelli O’Hara, and she’s singing ‘Someone to Watch Over Me,’ one of the Gershwin’s most exquisite ballads, in a sweet silver voice that shimmers with wistfulness."

The New York Times

Ben Brantley

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