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No Boundaries Story

No Boundaries is the contemporary story of 18 year old childhood friends – the free-spirited Ali, who's white, and the reserved Joshua, who's black. Set to attend Juilliard, Ali unexpectedly grabs a chance to audition for Mistahs and Sistahs, an up-and-coming rap group. Though she initially overcomes the group's resistance to including a white girl, her involvement triggers a series of events rife with racial tension that ultimately overwhelms Joshua and threatens their friendship. In the midst of youthful idealism and the myopic, passionate pursuit of dreams, Joshua and Ali must confront the confounding divide between how we see ourselves and how others see us, and the painful realities of identity, loyalty and race. No Boundaries is driven by a dynamic score of songs ranging from hip hop to soul and rock to gospel, written by six contemporary songwriting and performing artists: Sam Bisbee, Pamela Laws, Laura Love, Marcus Miller, Speech, and The Spooks.
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