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The Gym at Judson Memorial Church

The Old Man and the Old Moon

This show has closed.

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The Old Man and the Old Moon, The Gym at Judson Memorial Church, NYC Show Poster
The Gym at Judson Memorial Church

243 Thompson Street
New York, NY 10034

Important Dates
Sep 26, 2012
Oct 07, 2012
Jan 06, 2013
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PigPen Theatre Company presents a blend of live music, puppetry, movement and clever lighting effects.



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 The Old Man and the Old Moon is the tale of an old man who must abandon his duties of filling up the moon every month to cross the seas in search of his missing wife, who left home in search of a mysterious melody carried in the ocean breeze. On his journey, the Old Man will encounter titanic leviathans of the deep, apocalyptic storms, civil wars, cantankerous ghosts and other startling and fantastical creatures.

Critics’ Reviews

The score, already available on the troupe’s debut CD, is tuneful enough to stand on its own, and the performers inhabit their characters with endless enthusiasm.

Review by Frank Scheck from The New York Post

This wily group of recent Carnegie-Mellon University graduates tells folksy tales with their singing, puppets and shadow screens, employing common items like flashlights, crates and burlap sacks while conjuring dozens of characters. Their versatility is delightful to watch. Their hard work seems effortless.

Review by Ken Jaworowski from The New York Times