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Mitzi E. Newhouse Theater

The Oldest Boy

This show has closed.

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The Oldest Boy, Mitzi E. Newhouse Theater, NYC Show Poster
Mitzi E. Newhouse Theater

150 West 65th Street
New York, NY 10023

Important Dates
Oct 09, 2014
Nov 03, 2014
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Lincoln Center Theater presents the world premiere of Sarah Ruhl's drama.



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In The Oldest Boy, Tenzin, the toddler son of an American woman and a Tibetan man, is recognized as the reincarnation of a high Buddhist teacher. Differing cultures contend with competing ideas of faith and love when two monks seek permission to take Tenzin to a monastery in India to begin his training as a spiritual master. His parents must decide whether to send their young son away or keep him home.