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American Airlines Theatre

It’s a balmy Labor Day in the American Heartland, and a group of women are preparing for a picnic... but they'll have to lay a lot on the line before they can lay out the checkered cloths. When a handsome young drifter named Hal arrives, his combination of uncouth manners and titillating charm sends the women reeling, especially the beautiful Madge. When Hal is forced out of town, Madge must decide whether their fleeting encounter is worth changing the course of her life.

This show is closed.

Performances ended on Feb. 24, 2013.

American Airlines Theatre

227 West 42nd Street
New York, NY 10036

Previews Dec 14, 2012
Opening Jan 13, 2013
Closing Feb 24, 2013


What Is the Story of Picnic?
The ladies of a small town in Kansas are getting ready for their annual picnic on the last day of summer when a handsome drifter named Hal suddenly appears and captures the attention of the town’s female residents—especially the young, beautiful Madge. Madge and Hal try to fight their attraction, which threatens to throw Madge’s family and future into a wicked spiral. Will Madge choose her safe, sensible boyfriend or the dangerous drifter with a questionable past?

Critics' Reviews

"It’s a pleasure to watch the supposedly supporting cast take ownership of these characters..."

Review by Elisabeth Vincentelli from The New York Post

"Director Sam Gold does a swell job of conjuring the fabled American epoch when people used the word swell..."

Review by Adam Markovitz from Entertainment Weekly

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