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Pieces (of Ass) (off-Broadway) Story

Pieces (of Ass) features a series of original monologues delivered by a cast of 12 beautiful women speaking about their own experiences--each dealing with themes uniquely common to the physically blessed woman. From perks to privileges... to problems and pressures, these "pieces" aim to go beneath the beautiful facade in order to examine the concept of "hot chick angst." Pieces (of Ass) also creates a party-like atmosphere by incorporating a live female DJ and short films for a unique theatrical environment. [IMG:L]This unique show originated off-Broadway at Theater 80 in 2003. The production also played the China Club before moving cross-country to play sold-out performances in Los Angeles and Las Vegas. In addition to its regular cast of a dozen talented women, Pieces (of Ass) will also feature a "Center PIECE" at select performances, incorporating a female celebrity sharing her own personal and unique experiences.
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