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American Airlines Theatre

Present Laughter

This show has closed.

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Present Laughter, American Airlines Theatre, NYC Show Poster
American Airlines Theatre

227 West 42nd Street
New York, NY 10036

2 hrs. and 30 mins
2 Intermissions
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Nov 09, 2009
Jan 02, 2010
Jan 21, 2010
Mar 21, 2010
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In Noël Coward’s classic comedy, matinee idol Garry Essendine sits at the center of his own universe. While Garry struggles to plan his upcoming trip to Africa, his elegant London flat ...



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What Is the Story of Present Laughter?
Present Laughter takes place in the home of famed actor Garry Essendine, a puffed-up charmer with a knack for histrionics, wooing women and extreme displays of vanity. With his birthday rapidly approaching, Essendine is poised to set off on a literal tour of Africa and a figurative midlife crisis, and his entire team—including an indifferent staff of servants, a wry personal secretary, a set of entangled business associates and a bemused ex-wife—is in hurried preparation for both. The actor’s expertly assembled life is upended when a predatory fan, an obsessed playwright and a young woman with more than Essendine’s resume on her mind are simultaneously thrown into the mix, all vying for the self-obsessed actor’s attention. As things spin wildly out of control, Essendine must scramble to keep his house of cards standing—and decide whether there’s room in his life to love anyone but himself.

Critics’ Reviews

“A faultlessly acted, finely wrought farce.  Laughter is indeed present throughout.”

Review by Scott Brown from New York Magazine

“Nicholas Martin's delightful production is designed to perfection and impressively cast—it’s as light as a souffle with the kick of a fine brandy. It’s always a joy to hear the silken wit of Noël Coward.”

Review by Rome Torre from NY1

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Present Laughter Like?
Written as a semiautobiographical sketch (and send-up) of himself, Noel Coward’s Present Laughter is high comedy bordering on farce. As the evening gets rolling, what begins as a situational set-up for carefully worded one-liners craftily escalates into a series of increasingly ridiculous events, complete with slamming doors and ill-timed arrivals. Through it all, the style and tone remains distinctly Coward—even the most base insults are delivered with stylish poise, while genuine moments of tenderness and insight weave the whole piece together into a nice, neat package.

Is Present Laughter Good for Kids?
Despite the sexy nature of its star’s bad behavior, Present Laughter is rated PG, with barely any bare skin or sexual content to be found. As it’s classy Coward, there’s also no cursing—these are well-mannered shenanigans. That being said, the real comedy in Present Laughter is in the playwright’s wordplay, the actors’ delivery and the irony of its situations, meaning most of the funny stuff will fly over the heads of audience members too young to pay close attention. Save this one for ‘tweens and older teens.