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Promises, Promises Critics' Reviews

"Promisesare fulfilled. Led by Sean Hayes and Kristin Chenoweth, the show is like a big dessert cart—with just enough bittersweet grace notes to prevent things from being marshmallow-cloying."

Review by Elisabeth Vincentelli from The New York Post

"The show forges ahead through the sheer force of design elegance, dance-floor stamina, performance energy, and the quick thinking of Sean Hayes."

Review by Lisa Schwarzbaum from Entertainment Weekly

"Set in 1962 Manhattan, the show is pleasingly retro without being a kitsch comic book: Even its Eames-a-go-go sets (by Scott Pask), as colorful and fun as they are, speak more of cocktail-cabinet sophistication than yard-sale tackiness. The same goes for the performances."

Review by Stephanie Zacharek from New York Magazine

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