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Set on the dunes of a quiet beach, Seascape explores, not uncustomarily, two of his favorite subjects: marriage and relationships. With his signature ironic wit and razor-sharp perception, Albee introduces Nancy and Charlie (Frances Sternhagen and George Grizzard), a couple facing retirement who argue with comfortable familiarity about how to spend the rest of their lives. Nancy craves new adventure; Charlie really just wants to retire. When a second couple, Sarah and Leslie (Elizabeth Marvel and Frederick Weller) arrive on the beach, a pitched encounter, both surreal and profound, ensues. It seems that Sarah and Leslie are also at a turning point in their lives and...they just happen to be lizards! As the play unfolds, both couples overcome their mistrust and fear of unfamiliar life forms, become hesitant friends and then resume their former lives, wiser and perhaps sadder for the encounter.

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