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Silence! The Musical - Off-Broadway

An unauthorized musical parody of the Academy Award-winning film The Silence of the Lambs.

David Garrison, Jenn Harris and The Cast of Silence! Share a Bloody Good Opening Night

Silence opens – David Kayley – Sean Patrick Doyle
Silence! costume designer David Kayley grabs a photo with La Cage aux Folles veteran Sean Patrick Doyle.

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Silence! The Musical reopens at 9th Space Theatre at PS 122.

Photographer: Bruce Glikas, ©

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Silence opens - David Garrison - Jenn Harris
Silence opens – cast
Silence opens – Jenn Harris – Jonathan Groff
Silence opens – Jenn Harris – Hunter Bell
Silence opens -  Ashlee Dupre – Lucia Spina – Doug Trapp – Howard Kaye – Stephen Bienskie – Pamela Bob
Silence opens – Hunter Bell – David Garrison – Christopher Gattelli
Silence opens – Christopher Gattelli – Stephen Bienskie
Silence opens – Michael Berresse – Deirdre Goodwin
Silence opens – Steven Pasquale
Silence opens – Rebecca Naomi Jones – Kyle Beltram
Silence opens - Capathia Jenkins - Hunter Bell - Susan Blackwell - Aisha de Haas
Silence opens – Chris Pappas – Deirdre Goodwin
Silence opens – Hunter Bell – Jonathan Groff – Michael Berresse - Susan Blackwell – Jeff Bowen
Silence Opens -Harry Bouvy - Jenn Harris
Brian Nash - Howard Kaye
Kurt Deutsch - Andrew Croiter - Helen Anker - Jeff Croiter
Silence opens - Harry Bouvy - J. Smith Cameron
Silence opens - Capathia Jenkins - Deirdre Goodwin - Aisha de Haas
Silence opens - Doug Trapp - Callan Bergmann - Pamela Bob
Silence opens – David Kayley – Sean Patrick Doyle
Susan Lovell - Linda Thrasybule
Silence opens – Colin Hanlen – Kate Weatherhead
Silence Opens – Anika Larsen – Gregory Treco
Silence opens – Jenn Harris
Silence opens - David Garrison - Jenn Harris