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Sistas tells of the struggles, the joy and the triumphs of being Black and of being woman in America

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About Sistas

Set after the death of an African-American matriarch, the women in her family (three very different sisters, one white sister-in-law and the teenage daughter of one of the sisters) clean Grandma’s attic and prepare to say goodbye to the woman who helped shape them into the women they are today. In the process, the “sistas” trace the history of African-American women through music, from the trials of the 1930s to the girl groups of the 1960s to the empowerment of the 1990s.


Kendra Lynn Lucas
Shelly Lynn Walsh
Nesha Ward
Tyla Collier


Written by
Dorothy Marcic
Kenneth Ferrone
Lauren Lim Jackson
Set Designer
Josh Iacovelli
Costume Designer
Tricia Barsamian
Lighting Designer
Kia Rogers
Music Director
Zachary Ryan
Germono Toussaint
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