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South Pacific Puckers Up with "Times Square Kiss" Nurse

As if bringing one of the great musicals back to Broadway for the first time in nearly 60 years wasn’t enough, the cast of South Pacific got to recreate more American history on November 9 with a very special guest. The name Edith Shain might not ring any bells, but you know that famous WWII photo of the sailor kissing the nurse in Times Square, the one Alfred Eisenstaedt took right after the Japanese surrendered? Well, Shain is that nurse! The 90-year-old native New Yorker was in town to serve a grand marshal for the 2008 New York City Veterans Day Parade and as a spokesperson for the Stories of Service Program, which encourages young people to gather and preserve stories from men and women who’ve served their nation. Shain, who stands four-feet tall and nine inches, donned her white uniform to meet the South Pacific boys, who happily reenacted the snapshot that first a

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