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As e-books outsell printed books, Alex Ames, the owner of Chicago’s oldest African American book publishing company, must question each of his employees to determine who is still relevant in a rapidly changing world. When he meets J, a mysterious youth plugged into the future, Mr. Ames is forced to discover just how far he will go to survive.

This show is closed.

Performances ended on Sep. 29, 2013.

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Previews: Aug 20, 2013 • Opening: Sep 8, 2013 • Closing: Sep 29, 2013



What Is the Story of stop. reset.?
Set during a blizzard in Chicago, stop. reset. centers around Alex Ames, the owner of a book publishing company who, with the advent of e-books, is hoping to bring his business into the digital age. He calls each of his employees in for an interview to find out which ones are committed to moving the company forward and which are stuck in the past. Between meetings, Mr. Ames strikes up a conversation with J, the office’s enigmatic janitor, who seems more interested in talking into his cell phone earpiece than chatting with his boss. When he discovers J is plugged into the high-tech world he wants to be a part of, Mr. Ames must decide whether to play it safe, or trade everything he knows for an unknown future.

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"Carl Lumbly is stirring as Alexander Ames, the aging, up-from-poverty patriarch. Even better is Ismael Cruz Cordova as “J,” a window washer with dreams and, it seems, a direct link not only to the World Wide Web, but to the tech future."

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Romulus Linney Courtyard Theatre at The Signature Center
480 West 42nd Street
New York, NY 10019
Hearing Assistance
Assisted listening devices for each theater per ADA requirements. Devices can be found in the central lobby prior to every performance.
Wheelchair Access
Fully wheelchair accessible.
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