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Tea and Sympathy (Off-Broadway) Story

Written in the 1950s as a commentary on McCarthyism and now considered an important cultural milestone as a representation of homophobia, Tea and Sympathy concerns a lonely and misunderstood 17-year-old boy in a New England boarding school. Presumed to be gay by both his peers and teachers, Tom is mercilessly ridiculed by both cruel classmates and callous instructors. As his world turns against him, his only kindness comes from the wife of his chief accuser. Tea And Sympathy became a Broadway hit in 1953 under the direction of Elia Kazan. The original production ran for 712 performances and starred Deborah Kerr as Laura and John Kerr as Tom. The Keen Company's production will be the first major New York City revival of the show since its debut over 50 years ago.
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