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The Little Mermaid Critics' Reviews

"I'd see it again in a heartbeat! Visually ingenious and emotionally satisfying. Forget the kids: I oohed and aahed like a six-year-old. A musical that does justice to the lovely film from which it sprang."

Review by Terry Teachout from The Wall Street Journal

"One of the most ravishing shows I have ever seen on a Broadway stage. More than just a visual feast. Combines story, song and inventive staging into something that lifts our spirits and renews our faith that theater for 'children' can be enjoyed by everyone."

Review by Richard Zoglin from Time Magazine

"Disney's done it again! I was just hoping the musical could live up to all I love about the movie. I'm glad to say this baby really swims. Just gorgeous - full of Disney magic!"

Review by Anne Craig from Good Day New York

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