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Hillary Rodham Clinton Meets The Pirate Queen

After famously throwing her hat in the ring two months ago, U.S. presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton did a sweep by Broadway this week for a ringside seat at the March 11 preview of The Pirate Queen. There to be honored by Irish America Magazine as their "Person of the Year"—along with several creators and producers of the show—the former First Lady and current U.S. Senator of New York gave us a gracious moment after the show, posing for some pictures with the cast and other honorees. Considering The Pirate Queen traces the legacy of one of history's most daring and courageous women—Ireland's 16th century sea chieftain Grace "Grania" O'Malley—one couldn't help but wonder what Clinton thought of the show. Though it was a "no comment" situation, we think her bright and open smile showed her approval. Now… let the journey to the White House resume!


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