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Classic Stage Company

Classic Stage Company reunites much of the cast and creative team from their 2009 production of Uncle Vanya in Chekhov's masterpiece of thwarted dreams.

This show is closed.

Performances ended on Mar. 6, 2011.

Classic Stage Company

136 East 13th Street
New York, NY 10003

Previews Jan 12, 2011
Opening Feb 3, 2011
Closing Mar 6, 2011


What Is the Story of Three Sisters?
Chekhov’s classic play, first produced in 1901, tells the story of a family living unhappily in a provincial Russian town. The title siblings are Olga, an unmarried teacher; Masha, who’s married but who embarks on an affair with a visiting lieutenant; and Irina, who longs to go to Moscow to find her true love. The sisters dote on their brother Andrei, who has high hopes for an academic career at the beginning of the play but soon settles into marriage and fatherhood with an overbearing village girl named Natasha. Over the course of four acts, the family members interact with various friends, visitors and servants and experience passion and heartbreak, all the while pining for that elusive trip to Moscow.

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