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Twelve Angry Men Story

This production marks the Broadway debut of the sharp screen script about 12 court-summoned jurors from various urban backgrounds who converge in a deliberation room on a hot summer day. Twelve Angry Men was originally written as a teleplay by Reginald Rose for CBS, which first aired the drama on their Studio One series in 1954. Most audiences are more familiar with the all-star Oscar-nominated Sidney Lumet film that came three years later or perhaps even the 1997 Showtime redo, which proved that the story is good enough to stand the passage of time. In the taut drama, a young delinquent awaits sentencing for the manslaughter of his aggressive father. One juror [IMG:L]feels that there is a "reasonable doubt"--to the frustration of his 11 colleagues--thus preventing a quick verdict. During the heated deliberations, the hidden preconceptions and assumptions of the jurors are revealed. When faced with playing the hangman, each juror is forced to face himself. A line-up of New York's finest stage actors have come together to tell this powerful, timeless tale.
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