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Kings Theatre

A Very Special Evening With Josh Groban

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A Very Special Evening With Josh Groban, Kings Theatre, NYC Show Poster
Kings Theatre

1027 Flatbush Avenue
Brooklyn , NY

Important Dates
Sep 19, 2015
Sep 19, 2015
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A unique musical event featuring songs from the world's greatest musicals.

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of A Very Special Evening With Josh Groban

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Josh Groban is an American crossover vocalist and songwriter covering classical, contemporary and pop styles. Josh enjoyed tremendous chart and critical success almost from the very start of his career with numerous gold- and platinum-selling records and worldwide tours in the 10-plus years he has been on the world stage. Blessed with a highly versatile voice that can range from upper baritone into the tenor range, Josh's unquestionably impressive vocals has made him one of the most popular crossover classical singers of the last 20 years.