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Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? Critics' Reviews

"You'll leave the gathering shaken and sobered, but also exhilarated. All golden anniversaries should be this memorable."

Review by Elysa Gardner from USA Today

"Morton's may be the most sympathetic Martha ever to appear on stage—her implosion in the play's final scenes is devastating on multiple levels."

Review by Thom Geier from Entertainment Weekly

"Letts is so blisteringly good—so incisive in every shift of mood and strategy and cuttingly comic barb—that there is a real danger he might be derailed from playwriting by an onslaught of acting offers."

Review by Hedy Weiss from The Chicago Sun-TImes

"This Steppenwolf Theater production, the first necessary ticket of the fall Broadway season, establishes beyond question that at the half-century mark, an age when many plays, not to mention many people, are showing signs of flab, Mr. Albee’s scalding drama of marital discord still retains the bantam energy and strong bite of its youth."

Review by Charles Isherwood from The New York Times

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