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Wicked - Broadway

“The best musical of the decade.” - Entertainment Weekly

An Array of Elphabas, Glindas & More Come Together for the Bewitching 10th Anniversary of Wicked

Wicked- Alli Mauzey- Lindsay Mendez
Wicked’s leading ladies Alli Mauzey and Lindsay Mendez step forward to rapturous applause.

About This Gallery

Broadway's Wicked celebrates its 10th anniversary at the Gershwin Theatre on October 30, 2013.

Photographer: Bruce Glikas, ©

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Wicked- Cast
Wicked- Michael Wartella- Catherine Charlebois
Wicked- Alli Mauzey- Lindsay Mendez
Wicked- Alli Mauzey- Lindsay Mendez
Wicked- Lindsay Mendez- Alli Mauzey
Wicked- Winnie Holzman – Stephen Schwartz
Wicked- Marc Platt- Derek Klena- David Stone
Wicked-Carol Kane- John Schiappa
Wicked- Tom McGowan- Cathy McGowan- Mary McGowan
Wicked- Winnie Holzman- Lindsay Mendez- Alli Mauzey- Carol Kane-Gregory Maguire
Wicked- Mandy Gonzalez-Julia Murney- Lindsay Mendez - Teal Wicks
Wicked- Joel Grey- David Garrison
Wicked- Michelle Federer – Alyce Gilbert
Wicked- Wayne Cilento- Stephen Oremus
Wicked- Eden Espinosa- David Stone
Wicked- Mandy Gonzalez- Katie Rose Clarke- Lindsay Mendez - Teal Wicks
Wicked- Richard Blake- Andy Karl
Wicked- Cast
Wicked- Jennifer Laura Thompson
Wicked- Charlie Sutton- Annaleigh Ashford- Nathan Peck
Wicked- Wicked Alumni
Wicked- Liana Hunt- Larkin Bogan
Wicked- Kyle Dean Massey- Derek Klena
Wicked- Saycon Sengbloh – Julia Murney
Wicked- Jayne Houdyshell- Kathy Deitch
Wicked- Kristoffer Cusick- Jenna Leigh Green
Wicked- Manuel Herrera- Mark Meyers- Michael Seelbach
Wicked- Kristy Cates- Dee Roscioli
Wicked- Alli Mauzey- Julia Murney
 Wicked- Ben Platt- Marc Platt-Jonah
Wicked- Stephen Schwartz- Stephen Oremus
Wicked- Priscilla Lopez- Mandy Gonzalez
Wicked- Orfeh- Andy Karl- Annaleigh Ashford
Wicked- Lindsay Mendez- Michael Mendez
 Wicked- Betsy Wolfe- Julia Murney
Wicked-  Lindsay Northen- Jarrod Bradshaw
Wicked- Bernie Telsey- Craig Burns- Cesar A. Rocha
 Wicked- Tiffany Haas- Donna Vivino
Wicked- Daniel Reichard- Robb Sapp
Wicked- Alex Quiroga – Patrick McCollum
Wicked- Alli Mauzey- Stephen Schwartz
Wicked- Cake
Wicked- Angela Ayers- David Ayers
Wicked- P.J. Benjamin- Louisa Flaningam
 Wicked- F. Michael Haynie- Julia Murney- Adam Grupper
Wicked- Matthew Bourne- Stephen Schwartz
Wicked- Derek Klena- Lindsay Mendez
Wicked- Adinah Alexander – Alex Lacamoire
Wicked- Sean McCourt- Kevin Kern
Wicked-Larkin Bogan- Kyle Dean Massey
Wicked- Kristy Cates- Christian Hebel
Wicked- Robb Sapp- Joseph Dulude II
Wicked- Daniel Reichard- Andy Karl
Wicked- Julia Murney- Dee Roscioli- Teal Wicks- Donna Vivino- Eden Espinosa
Wicked- Lindsay Mendez- Alli Mauzey
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Wicked – Broadway

“The best musical of the decade.” - Entertainment Weekly

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