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Wicked - Broadway

“The best musical of the decade.” - Entertainment Weekly

An Array of Elphabas, Glindas & More Come Together for the Bewitching 10th Anniversary of Wicked

Wicked- Cast
The 10th anniversary cast of Wicked join hands during the curtain call as the sold-out crowd at the Gershwin Theatre goes wild.

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Broadway's Wicked celebrates its 10th anniversary at the Gershwin Theatre on October 30, 2013.

Photographer: Bruce Glikas, ©

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Wicked- Cast
Wicked- Michael Wartella- Catherine Charlebois
Wicked- Alli Mauzey- Lindsay Mendez
Wicked- Alli Mauzey- Lindsay Mendez
Wicked- Lindsay Mendez- Alli Mauzey
Wicked- Winnie Holzman – Stephen Schwartz
Wicked- Marc Platt- Derek Klena- David Stone
Wicked-Carol Kane- John Schiappa
Wicked- Tom McGowan- Cathy McGowan- Mary McGowan
Wicked- Winnie Holzman- Lindsay Mendez- Alli Mauzey- Carol Kane-Gregory Maguire
Wicked- Mandy Gonzalez-Julia Murney- Lindsay Mendez - Teal Wicks
Wicked- Joel Grey- David Garrison
Wicked- Michelle Federer – Alyce Gilbert
Wicked- Wayne Cilento- Stephen Oremus
Wicked- Eden Espinosa- David Stone
Wicked- Mandy Gonzalez- Katie Rose Clarke- Lindsay Mendez - Teal Wicks
Wicked- Richard Blake- Andy Karl
Wicked- Cast
Wicked- Jennifer Laura Thompson
Wicked- Charlie Sutton- Annaleigh Ashford- Nathan Peck
Wicked- Wicked Alumni
Wicked- Liana Hunt- Larkin Bogan
Wicked- Kyle Dean Massey- Derek Klena
Wicked- Saycon Sengbloh – Julia Murney
Wicked- Jayne Houdyshell- Kathy Deitch
Wicked- Kristoffer Cusick- Jenna Leigh Green
Wicked- Manuel Herrera- Mark Meyers- Michael Seelbach
Wicked- Kristy Cates- Dee Roscioli
Wicked- Alli Mauzey- Julia Murney
 Wicked- Ben Platt- Marc Platt-Jonah
Wicked- Stephen Schwartz- Stephen Oremus
Wicked- Priscilla Lopez- Mandy Gonzalez
Wicked- Orfeh- Andy Karl- Annaleigh Ashford
Wicked- Lindsay Mendez- Michael Mendez
 Wicked- Betsy Wolfe- Julia Murney
Wicked-  Lindsay Northen- Jarrod Bradshaw
Wicked- Bernie Telsey- Craig Burns- Cesar A. Rocha
 Wicked- Tiffany Haas- Donna Vivino
Wicked- Daniel Reichard- Robb Sapp
Wicked- Alex Quiroga – Patrick McCollum
Wicked- Alli Mauzey- Stephen Schwartz
Wicked- Cake
Wicked- Angela Ayers- David Ayers
Wicked- P.J. Benjamin- Louisa Flaningam
 Wicked- F. Michael Haynie- Julia Murney- Adam Grupper
Wicked- Matthew Bourne- Stephen Schwartz
Wicked- Derek Klena- Lindsay Mendez
Wicked- Adinah Alexander – Alex Lacamoire
Wicked- Sean McCourt- Kevin Kern
Wicked-Larkin Bogan- Kyle Dean Massey
Wicked- Kristy Cates- Christian Hebel
Wicked- Robb Sapp- Joseph Dulude II
Wicked- Daniel Reichard- Andy Karl
Wicked- Julia Murney- Dee Roscioli- Teal Wicks- Donna Vivino- Eden Espinosa
Wicked- Lindsay Mendez- Alli Mauzey
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Wicked – Broadway

“The best musical of the decade.” - Entertainment Weekly

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