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Wicked Works It at Sephora

Forget Extreme Makover. Forget that horrible blue eyeliner you wore in seventh grade with the purple opaque lip gloss. (We thought we looked sophisticated in it, too.) We've seen the future, and it's Wicked. In fact, there was a line around the block when we visited the Times Square Sephora (the ubiquitous store for one-stop makeovers) looking for Stila's new line of Wicked makeup. Why the lines? Well, there's the makeup, of course--it's actually two kinds: "Popular" (a bubbly shade of pink, natch) and "Defying Gravity" (green, duh). The limited edition makeup sold out online in three days and looked to be a hit at the store, but the real catch was a chance to see Kristin Chenoweth and Idina Menzel, the musical's gorgeous stars, who were signing CDs, overseeing makeovers, a

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