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Women of Will - Off-Broadway

Tina Packer takes on Shakespeare's female characters in this ever-evolving play.

Tina Packer & the Team Behind Off-Broadway’s Shakespearean Revue Women of Will Meet the Press

 Women of Will-Nigel Gore – Tina Packer
Fellow Shakespeare actor Nigel Gore joins Tina onstage in the Shakespearean two-hander Women of Will.

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The cast and creative team of off-Broadway's Women of Will meet the press on January 16, 2013.

Photographer: Jenny Anderson, ©

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Women of Will- Tina Packer
 Women of Will-Nigel Gore – Tina Packer
 Women of Will – Daniel Kluger- Valerie Bart- Les Dickert
Women of Will – Nigel Gore – Sarah Hancock- Tina Packer- Eric Tucker
Women of Will- Daniel Kluger- Sarah Hancock- Nigel Gore- Tina Packer- Eric Tucker- Valerie Bart- Les Dickert