Radio City Music Hall

1260 Avenue of the Americas
New York, NY 10020
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About the Venue

Radio City Music Hall is the largest indoor theater in the world.


Drinks, candy, and snacks are sold at the various theater bars. Drinks are allowed in the seating area.

Know Before You Go

Ramp for wheelchairs and automatic doors to the left of the theater.
Water Fountain
Available on each floor including the Grand Lounge, Aisle C & F.
Hearing Assistance
Provided by William Sound Corp. Model: R7Personal PA. Photo ID required as deposit.
Elevators and Escalators
4 elevators on left side of Grand Foyer which will take you all floors, including the Lounge.
Wheelchair Access
Orchestra in 200s & 600s sections. 1 companion to 1 wheelchair only.
1 accessible stall on each Mezzanine. 2 stalls in the Grand Lounge.
Accessible Seating
Mezzanine seating is not wheelchair accessible due to steps.
Coat Check
This theater does not provide a coat check.
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