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Jane Lynch Freaks Out, Hunter Foster Goes on a Bender and More Lessons of the Week

Jane Lynch Freaks Out, Hunter Foster Goes on a Bender and More Lessons of the Week
Audra McDonald, Steve Kazee & Kristin Chenoweth topped this week's headlines!

Another week has come and gone on the Great White Way, and as always, we've scoured the recent crop of headlines to deliver the most important lessons we learned directly to you. The last seven days have been a roller-coaster ride of nonstop excitement. Read below to catch up on what you might have missed!

Fans Want RuPaul to Pu-Pu-Pump It on Broadway
We already knew that Broadway loves its drag roles, but fans are dying to see the boards turned into a runway! When asked which reality TV show would make the best musical, readers solidly chose RuPaul’s Drag Race. BAM! A sick'ning musical about drag queens tucking, throwing shade, lip-syncing for their lives and sashaying away?! Yes, hunties, we think this campy show just might werk!

Mrs. Phil Spector Needs to Just Stop
Former music mogul and current incarcerated murderer Phil Spector might get the Broadway treatment. (Sigh.) Yes, Spector's wife, Rachelle, recently revealed her plans to "show a whole different side" of her husband's story in a Broadway musical. Uhh, we don't know about you guys, but we're not sold on Mrs. Spector’s idea. Yeah, the music might be great, but you can't change the ending. And it's so not a happy one—especially for Lana Clarkson. #wentthere

Jane Lynch Is a Scaredy Cat
How happy is Glee star Jane Lynch to make her Broadway debut as Miss Hannigan in Annie? Welp, she used words like “scared,” “jumping off a cliff” and “terrified” to describe her rip-roaring excitement. Sure, taking over for two-time Tony winner Katie Finneran is no breeze, but the same jumpsuit-wearing, youngster-terrorizing Coach Sylvester being afraid of a few orphans? Say it ain't so, Sue!

Steve Kazee's Disappearance Now Makes Sense
Steve Kazee and social media go together like milk and cookies, so why did the Tony winner suddenly stop tweeting, Instagramming and oversharing as usual? The actor broke his silence about his Once hiatus in a blog post explaining he was on vocal rest and wanted to refrain from tweeting about the “banal business” of his day out of respect for the fans who couldn't see him on stage. You're a real stand-up Guy, Steve! And we're happy your Twitter therapy is back in session.

Audra McDonald Might Get to Wear a Really Big Hat
Will the Queen of Broadway take on the Queen of Soul? Audra McDonald has reportedly landed back on the Aretha Franklin's shortlist of actresses to play her in an upcoming biopic. Franklin said she hopes the five-time Tony winner can take on soul the way she takes on Broadway. Excuse me?! No dis-R-E-S-P-E-C-T to Ms. Franklin, but we know Audra can do anything. Sock it to her!

Jerry Mitchell Don't Take No Sh*t
Kinky Boots director/choreographer Jerry Mitchell is stricter than Anne Hathaway's diet! In the premiere of Billy Porter’s new video blog, Land of Lola, the dragalicious star is nervous about a new routine for the show, when Mitchell gives him sage words of advice: “You had better get it right, bitch!” Don't mess with this “illustrious directress”...bitch!

Hunter Foster Needs a Twitter-vention
Hunter Foster is many things: Broadway star, Tony nominee, brother to a Bunhead...and a serious Twitter junkie! Foster went on a Twitter binge this week, offering an endless stream of reasons to see Hands on a Hardbody. He also "counted" President Obama, Patti LuPone, Liza Minnelli and, of course, God as fans of the show. Hunter, we love you, but we need you to step away from the iPad. Take a walk, get some Schmackary's and get a hold of yourself!

Brandon Victor Dixon's Mom Is a Master Sculptor
Motown star Brandon Victor Dixon told Show People host Paul Wontorek that when he was a newborn, his mother fashioned his head into the nice rounded shape she wanted. “My mom was afraid that my head would come out lopsided, so before the skull was fully firm, she would shape it. She did good work!” Kudos to Momma Dixon! We think Brandon's noggin and vocal chords came out just perfect.

Kristin Chenoweth Is the Next Bowflex
Earlier this week, Kristin Chenoweth guest-hosted Live! with Kelly & Michael, and co-host Michael Strahan kindly offered to bench press her (as one does). The former football player lifted Cheno 10 times just to prove his strength. Now, we never doubted Michael's muscle or that he's “still got the guns,” but Kristin weighs about as much as a feather. We're just happy our favorite “pocket diva” made sure her to fix her hair. Everything that really counts, right?

The Cast of Game of Thrones Finds Soap
Game of Thrones star Emilia Clarke is making her Broadway debut in Breakfast at Tiffany's, and her HBO co-stars swung by the Cort Theatre to pay their Khaleesi a backstage visit. For the epic fantasy TV series, the actors are usually caked in some grotesque combination of sweat, dirt and blood, but hot damn do those people clean up nice! How fun would it have been, though, if they showed up to the play dressed in character? Those matinee ladies would have thought it was the end of times. Hallelujah and pass the Dove.

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