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Westside Theatre


Stuffed, Westside Theatre , NYC Show Poster
Westside Theatre

407 West 43rd Street
New York, NY 10036

Important Dates
Oct 05, 2017
Oct 19, 2017
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A funny and moving journey through Lisa Lampanelli's experiences with food and body image.

Video #LiveatFive with Lisa Lampanelli of <i>Stuffed</i>

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Stuffed features Lisa Lampanelli’s famously irreverent voice, signature wit and an extra-large scoop of razor-sharp insight into the crazy-making world of our relationships with food. Stuffed doesn't shy away from tough questions like: Is eating an ice cream sandwich in the shower as emotionally fulfilling as it sounds? When it comes to jeans, what's better—muffin top or camel toe? And, if Oprah, the most powerful person in the world, can't conquer her food issues, what can the rest of us do but laugh as we try?

Cast & Creative


  • Lisa
    Lisa Lampanelli
  • Marty
    Nikki Blonsky
  • Katey
    Marsha Stephanie Blake
  • Britney
    Eden Malyn


  • Written by
    Lisa Lampanelli
  • Director
    Jackson Gay